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Re: Utility to replay StarTools sessions

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New beta release of STReplay for Windows

I have just uploaded the latest beta version of STReplay (0.58.78) which is generally available for people to try.

What's new:
  • Support for StarTools versions 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 up to 1.7.461MR6
  • Added Monitor/Playback Mode support - allows easy work with current session
  • Improved support for Mosaics
  • Improved session log export functionality
  • Improved Caption functionality
  • Support for Captions in Linux
  • Fixed problem with calibration not completing.
  • Fixed mask issues between first and second page in module - e.g. Fractal Flux
  • Fixed crash when selecting different session from drop-down
  • Added session command SubroutineFile
  • Small performance improvements
  • Other bug fixes
To install:
Download the file STReplay.zip to your hard drive from here
Extract the files from the zipped file STReplay.zip into a folder on the hard drive.

Please read the 'Notes for Beta Testers.txt' file and the 'STReplayNotes' PDF

It is still beta so you may find some problems. Please report these to me by PM.

Many thanks to Ivo and all who have helped.


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