Crash while loading in compose mode

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Re: Crash while loading in compose mode

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ldipenti wrote: Thu May 12, 2022 11:01 am Ok, so I'm a little confused here. If I should be binning & saving the different stacks before attempting to compose them, how should I do it if saving as TIFF doesn't retain all the information? Is it doable with ST?
Simply load and bin one stack at a time (in mono) and save each one unstretched. Then, once you have them all binned, composite them as usual in the Compose module.

Not to confuse you further, but if you wanted, you can you can composite R, G and B, then bin that composite, and then save this composite unstretched. This way you get 3 channels in one file. When compositing the binned LRGB, simply load the composited file 3x times; once for R, once for G, once for B. L will have to be its own binned file (TIFF obviously does not deal with LRGB, but just RGB).

Hope that helps!
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Re: Crash while loading in compose mode

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Hello Ivo!

Whoops, I forgot to explain that I have a mono stack for the L layer (from my l-extreme filter) and an RGB stack for the rest, so I should somehow split those channels in order to do what you suggested. Maybe AstroPixelProcessor is able to do so.

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